We prepare the following tax forms as needed for your business:

  1. Federal and State payroll tax returns
  2. Federal and State unemployment tax
  3. Federal and State payroll tax deposits
  4. Withholding statements (Form W-2 or Form 1099) for up to four employees
  5. Sales tax returns

Tax Planning

We review your prior-year returns for errors or omissions. We also keep you advised of new tax laws, which affect your business and look for opportunities to save you money.

Tax Preparation

We prepare the following returns as needed:

  1. Business tax return (Schedule C) for sole proprietor or single-partner LLC
  2. Self-employment (Social Security) tax
  3. Estimated income tax (Form 1040ES)

Audit Representation

Should your business be audited for the return year(s) we prepared, we will represent your business before taxing authorities at the agent level.

Accounting Resources

  1. State of Arizona Acct.
  2. IRS Resources


"Elwood Financial has helped me realize the potential of my business by keeping better track of cash flow and more effective growth planning."

- Jason H.